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The Strategy of DED



Pioneer in the performance to build a competitiveness and sustainable economy.


To regulate, monitor, support and promote the economic activity in order to boost competitiveness and stimulate comprehensive and sustainable economic development, embracing transparency and mutual respect in the way we deal with our partners, and relying on qualified national cadres and efficient systems and techniques.

Organizational Values

  1. Excellence:               We are keen to providing value-added services to meet the needs and the expectations of the customers.
  2. Responsibility:         We commit to perform our responsibilities toward the customers and the community.
  3. Respect:                    We treat our employees, our customers and our partners with immense care and mutual respect.
  4. Transparency:          We believe in clear and explicit communication with our customers, partners, employees and suppliers.
  5. Collaboration:          We value the partnerships and cooperative relations with our employees and the relevant authorities.

Strategic Goals

  1. Facilitate and improve Licensing and permitting procedures.
  2. Contribute to building a balanced and diversified knowledge-based economy.
  3. Enhance business monitoring and consumer protection.
  4. Build the ties that bind the relationships between DED and the relevant authorities.
  5. Improve the efficiency of the organizational support services and consolidate the organizational values.​