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The Commercial Affairs Administration's tasks and responsibilities include:

Issuing economic permits (industrial- commercial - vocational).

Issuing various types of economic permits:

  1. Marketing permits (sales reductions - special offers- promotional campaigns).
  2. Permits for practicing a business activity for companies from outside the Emirate (truck permits- distribution permits - delivery permits).

Issuing 'To Whom it May Concern' certificates.


Unified Commercial Registration System:

The Commercial Affairs Administration adopted the new Unified Commercial Registration System in the issuance of economic permits, which is adopted by the Ministry of Economy, to be a symbol of unity in the UAE economic, financial and trade procedures.


Objectives of the System:

  1. Establishing an electronic link between all local authorities and the central unified system of the Ministry of Economy, to ensure ease of access to data and the implementation of
    labour laws on the federal level.
  2. Unifying economic names of establishments nationwide and ensuring their uniqueness.
  3. Unifying economic activities on the federal level, removing any contradictions between
    local entities, and adopting unified regulations and terminology.
  4. Unifying records of concerned parties (owners, partners, service agents…etc) nationwide.
  5. Establishing unified central federal numbers for economic permits.
  6. Keeping up with the latest technical developments and innovations, and using advanced licensing/ permits/inspection systems with state-of-the-art methods.
  7. Providing central and instant (immediate) statistics for all procedures carried out via local authorities and ensuring linkage and integration amongst them.