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# Government Entity Details

Ministry of Health

(New + Renewal)

Private hospitals, medical centers, medical clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical depots, eye glasses & installing lenses, pharmaceutical imports, pharmaceutical trade & medical herbs companies, massage centers.



National Media Council

(New + Renewal)

Printing presses, video & cassette stores, promotion & advertisement, artistic & television production, cinema theaters, organizing musical concerts, newspaper & magazine distribution (and all media-related licenses), newspaper & magazine imports, computer programs production & sales, theater production, photography, video photography, press services offices, satellite dishes & television decoders, internet cafés, entertainment works contracting, internet networks services, organizing exhibitions, printing centers, decoder devices & satellite dish agents in the UAE, companies broadcasting space channels in the UAE, calligraphy & drawing.

Ministry of Education

(New + Renewal)

Institutes & private schools, kindergartens.
4Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific ResearchPrivate universities, university services, colleges. 

Ministry of Environment & Water

(New + Renewal)

Farms, agricultural saplings, flowers, organic fertilizers, pets, endangered & predatory animals, veterinarian clinics, fish imports & exports trade (new only).




General Command of Ras Al Khaimah Police

a) Criminal Investigation Department

Gold trade, banks, currency exchange stores, seal & keys manufacturing, weapons' repair, imports & sales of old rifles, explosives, hotels, nightclubs, pharmaceutical factories, furnished apartments, private security firms, electronic gaming stores, shooting clubs, water-skis, diving training, mobile telephones, car rental.
b) Traffic and Licensing DepartmentCar driving instruction schools for both genders, car rental– transportation (only during renewal).

c) Civil Defense

(New + Renewal)

Fire extinguishing equipment & materials selling companies, factories, bakeries, furniture, carpentry shops, petrol & diesel stations, fire extinguishing consultancies.

Ministry of Economy

(New + Renewal)

Foreign companies' branches, accounting audit, private joint stock companies, industrial activities in case of limited liability companies under the Ministry's Industrial Department.

Insurance Authority

(New + Renewal)

Insurance & reinsurance companies, insurance brokers, insurance consultancies.
9General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare Men's physical fitness clubs, men's health clubs, women's physical fitness clubs, women's health clubs, bodybuilding clubs, self-defense arts clubs, billiards & snooker, sports services & contracting, sports races & courses services, sports consultancies & studies, sporting academy, sporting clubs & installations management & operation, managing & organizing sports exhibitions, marketing sports matches entrance, e-trade in sporting contests' tickets, investment in sporting projects & development, cricket club, tennis training, football club, water sports training services, diving training club, equestrian & camel racing clubs, bowling, automobile & motorcycle sports, golf club, shooting training club, recreational sporting club, marketing sporting events, organizing horse stamina races, rugby, chess club, volley ball, basketball, table tennis, squash, falconry club, ice-skating training club, swimming training services, boxing club, wrestling club, baseball, yoga center, badminton, gymnastics club, fencing training club, entertainment sports games yard, polo club, parachuting training club, hockey club.

Ministry Of Labour

(New + Renewal)

Bringing in labour.

Social Affairs

(New + Renewal)

Nursery homes – Marriage offices – Special needs care & rehabilitation.

Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources

(New Only)

Petroleum extraction, petroleum refining.
13General Authority of Islamic Affairs & EndowmentsHajj & Umrah campaigns, teaching and tutoring the Holy Quran.

Amiri Diwan

(New + Renewal)

15Central Bank (New)Banks, currency exchange activities, representation offices, financing companies, investment firms, financial & monetary, financial & banking consultancies (advisories).
16Securities Exchange AuthorityStock trading companies, the stock exchange, public joint stock companies.
17General Postal AuthorityDelivering documents, post items delivery, postal mail, transporting all kinds of parcels, express mail (courier service).
18Tourism Investment & Development AuthorityTravel & tourism activities – Hajj & Umrah campaigns –Hotels, hotel apartments, inns & rest houses – airline agent – All tourism activities.





a)Health (New)

Licenses for restaurants & cafeterias, foodstuffs licenses, fish trade (fish imports & exports), meat, vegetables, water desalination stations, insect extermination, water distribution at large, garments' laundry, cold beverages & ice cream sales, among others.
b) Engineering & Buildings (New)Automobile maintenance (light & heavy), car electricity, car washing, greasing & polishing, blacksmith shops, aluminum works, turneries, brick factories, sale of used (scrapped) cars' spare parts, carpentry works, machinery repair at large, building contracting (from fourth to first degree), engineering consultancies.
20Chamber of Commerce, Industry and AgricultureOrganizing exhibitions.
21Courts DepartmentLawyers & solicitors' activities.



Customs and Por​ts Department

Fuel & engine supply contracting, ship and sea liner supply contracting, maritime passenger & cargo transport navigation lines, petroleum & derivatives transport via oil tankers, passenger boat transport, ship lease, leasing tugboats & barges, maritime transport for passengers & cargo via special contracts, cargo clearance services, cargo stevedoring & unlading services, cargo packaging services, maritime cargo shipping services, ship guidance & towing, cargo ships' salvage & rescue, cargo containers loading & unloading, ship management & operation, maritime navigation lines agencies.
23Ras Al Khaimah e-Government AuthorityInternet café license.
24Environment Protection and Development AuthorityFactories, quarries, sand sifting, poultry farms, gas filling.
25Ras Al Khaimah Transport AuthorityHire taxi – Car rental – Cross-border passenger transportation – Transporting passengers internally between cities nationwide.