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  1. Compliance with the laws and regulations in effect in the UAE.
  2. Avoiding any activities that pose a threat to social safety and security.
  3. No one is permitted to practice any profitable activity without obtaining a license.
  4. Abidance by the laws and regulations of other competent official authorities.
  5. Comply with the provisions of the Islamic Shariah.
  6. Any kinds of games and activities that jeopardize public morality are strictly prohibited.
  7. All gambling-related activities are strictly prohibited.
  8. Abidance by any laws issued in the future by competent governmental and official authorities.
  9. Abidance by any laws or provision issued later.

Provisions for license holders

  1. License applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. License applicants must not be in possession of any other licenses that have exceeded their expiry date by one month.
  3. License applicants must fulfill the criteria relevant to the economic activity they wish to practice.