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Provisions for Economic Names:

  1. The economic name must be unique.
  2. The economic name must not carry a political connotation.
  3. The economic name must not violate Islamic Sharia, customs and traditions, and does not carry any names or connotations resembling the characteristics of the Al Mighty (vehicle names are exempted from this provision).
  4. The economic name must not violate instructions and regulations in place on both the local and federal levels.
  5. The economic name must not be deluding, and must be congruent with reality.
  6. The name should preferably be in Arabic and indicative of the nature of the economic activity.
  7. The DED retains the right to reject the proposed economic name or amend it upon lodging the application if it proved in violation of the abovementioned provisions, or if the DED deems such as necessary.
  8. The economic name is reserved for a period of two months (renewable) upon payment of assigned fees.
  9. The economic name must not be written on the UAE flag or any other country's flag, or written on any political or sanctified religious symbol, and any person in violation of such becomes subject to accountability by the law.

Economic Name Fees:

Economic name fees are stratified into four categories:

  1. Arabic name: AED 200, e.g. (السلام، الكفاح، التحدي).
  2. Foreign name: AED 2000 ​e.g. (Peace, Champion, Challenge).
  3. The name of a country, emirate or city in Arabic: AED 1000 e.g. (Emirates for Construction Contracting), whereas if the name belongs to a foreign country it is treated on par with foreign names.
  4. Name of significance: AED 1000, e.g. (The Gulf, The Arabian Peninsula).