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​Provisions for Agent's Card:

  1. Every company must have a special agent who can refer to the DED in all issues of relevance to the company; and in cases where one guarantor covers more than one company, the guarantor may delegate the same agent to refer to the DED for all companies belonging to the guarantor. 
  2. The shortest validation period for a card is one year (renewable), and could reach up to five year.
  3. A fee of AED 100 is charged per each year and AED 500 per year for procedure clearance offices' agents.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of the agent's valid passport with residency stamp, working for the same guarantor.
  • Copy of the agent's card.
  • Personal photograph.



Real Estate Broker's Card:

Documents required for issuing a real estate broker card:

  • Copy of economic license.
  • Copy of Real Estate Register.
  • Personal photograph.


  • Card Fees: AED 500 per annum.