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Request for site inspection appointment.

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Rules and Regulations:

Technical location site inspection:

The inspectors of the Department will visit the location site to confirm its suitability for the activity to be conducted according to the requirements. It is recommended not to lease premises before obtaining the location site initial approval.

Conditions of technical assessment of the business site:

First: Organizational aspect:
It is not allowed to open a new facility or move an existing one next to another conducting the same activity without a prior approval from the Department. The location site should not conflict with the activity distribution plan of main districts and roads.

Second: Esthetic aspect:
Adjacent businesses, their activities and size compatibility with other operating licenses or shops should be taken in consideration.

Third: Sanitary Aspect:
This term is concerned with businesses that carry out activities which may affect health and safety of individuals. For more information, kindly refer to the health division representative in the Department.

Fourth: Security & Safety  Aspects:
This term is concerned with businesses that carry out and deal with dangerous activities and flammable substances. For more information, kindly refer to the representative of the Civil Defense in the Department.


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