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RAKDED reports 497 fictitious licenses in 2018

Wednesday 6 March 2019

RAKDED works to protect markets from inappropriate economic practices in order to maintain good performance and develop the business environment in the Emirate. Therefore, it works on intensifying its procedures to combat the phenomenon of fictitious licenses through organizing campaigns and continuous-periodic inspection rounds, and imposing fines against the infringing establishments. Faisal Alyoon, Acting Director of Commercial Control & Protection Department, said that RAKDED considers the phenomenon of fictitious licenses one of the most important practices to combat. People apply for a license, but after completing the site inspection by the inspectors of Commercial Control and Protection Department, it is discovered that there is no place for the license on the ground, which is a clear violation of the laws and regulations in force in the Emirate and the State. In 2018, taken-measures resulted in transferring 497 commercial establishments to the investigation in order to take the right action. Alyoon commended the role of the Department’s inspectors for their diligent efforts throughout the year like inspecting the commercial establishments during morning and evening, and implementing several awareness campaigns as well. He stated that due to the legislation that has been put in place to limit this phenomenon of fictitious licenses, the percentage of these licenses decreased in 2018 compared to 2017 during which 725 fictitious licenses were monitored. Alyoon stressed that the Department continues its campaigns in the current year in the Emirate’s markets to protect them from suspicious practices, which are serious practices. Any person has a residency somewhere and does not work there considered detrimental to the individual, company and society. Alyoon appealed to members of the community to cooperate with the Department to report any violating licensee or any fictitious company via the different contact channels of the Department.


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